What is a Flying Buffet?

We want you to make the most of the evening by allowing you to mingle and chat while having light lovely local food:

Canapeés on Baguettes:
Smoked salmon with cream of horse radish
Trout fillet with cream of horse radish
Filet of turkey with curry cream
Melon and ham
Pumpernickel with cream cheese and a cherry tomato

On petite plates:
Maultaschen with onion sauce and potato salad; also vegetarian option
Meatballs with chili sauce
Veggie quiche
Dates wrapped in bacon

Creme Brûlee
Mousse au Chocolat

Accompanied by:
2010 Gerster-Wagner Rheingauer Gutsriesling Kabinett
2008 Mouton Cadet Pinot Noir
Water, Local Lager, Coffee