Members-Only English Language Tour of Stuttgart Stäffele
Friday, October 30th at 17:00 (2.5 hours)
Meeting point: Haltestelle Heidehofstraße (U15) Stuttgart
Cost to member: 5 euros

StaeffeleThe Stäffele, the Swabian word for the steps that go up into the hills around Stuttgart, are a famous part of life for local residents. Luckily, the reward for braving the steps includes many fascinating and beautiful sights.

This month the IWCS celebrates this Stuttgart essential by organizing an evening of history surrounding the Stäffele.  This English-language tour for members only will wind up and down the Stuttgart steps covering many interesting and amusing facts during the two and half hour event. Yes, we will be climbing a lot of stairs, so wear your walking shoes!

The tour will be partially sponsored by the club; participants should bring 5 euros with them for their portion (please bring exact change if possible).

Please note that the tour ends in a different location, at the Haltestelle Schlachthof (U9) in Stuttgart-Ost.

For questions or to reserve your spot, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or using the contact form below. Your host for the evening will be Michelle Niese-Mendel.

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