ACE 2017 Update for October

Late last month the Annual Charity Event 2017 committee held its first planning meeting with a review of your questionnaire responses. Your great feedback has inspired us to make a few exciting changes and additions to the format.

What we learned:


You love the venue but you want more seating!
We got it. We’re looking into the possibility of ‘cabaret’ style seating at the Württembergischer Automobilclub which will mean everyone can take a load off and sit down to dinner with all their friends, old and new. And speaking of new friends…

You’d like more opportunities to mingle!
This year we would like to make it easier for you to get to know everyone in the room, even if you’re flying solo. As well as grouped seating, we’re working on some new fun elements that will make it harder to be a wallflower. But we’re not going to tell you what they are just yet! You’ll need to buy a ticket to find out.

You love a good theme!
This year we’re asking for your vote on three themes. If you haven’t seen the Facebook poll yet, hop to it! Voting closes soon!

Finally, I also want to say welcome all our Annual Charity Event team members. Looking forward to working with you all!

Janelle Nicole
Jeannie Sterling Cropsey
Michelle Niese Mendel
Sandra Bartsch
Maren Schaich-Weigel
Emily Born
Dorothee Klein
Vaida Kovalick
Suzanne Loflin Callamari
Stephanie Sandlin

Looking forward to bringing you a fun ACE in 2017.

Claire DeVaney and The ACE2017 Team