New IWCS Focus Group – Current Events


We are extremely lucky to have not one, but TWO new focus groups starting in the month of February. These are small groups of like-minded members who meet regularly to explore a common interest such as crafting, books, or walking. Any current member can start a focus group!

In addition to the Game Night group planning to meet for the first time this month, member Suzanne C. will be starting up a Current Events group. Here is her description:

Hello Ladies! Do you want to know the latest news? Are you fascinated with current events? How about a new IWCS group that meets once a month to discuss the latest happenings — local, regional, and global? The topics can range from the environment to security-related matters. I will look into having guest speakers and we can also have discussions on topics of interest led by members of the group (no one needs to be a subject matter expert). In short, we will be having fascinating discussions coupled with enjoying each other’s company.

Ground rules for etiquette/diplomacy will be discussed and established at our first meeting, as well as the meeting format. 

The Current Events group will meet for the first time on February 9th – check your member newsletter for details!