“I want to volunteer and be involved in something!” – This is what new members frequently tell us as they fill out the membership form for our club. Many of us are not only looking for new friends and social opportunities, but also to make a difference in our community.

Here’s an easy way for members to do just that!

Even though our Annual Charity Event is over, we haven’t stopped fundraising for Frauen helfen Frauen. On the contrary, this is the point where the charity committee takes a break before planning the next ACE and our members take over.

We are encouraging members to plan their own personal fundraiser between now and the end of the year, and add the proceeds to the IWCS 2017 total donation to the Frauenhaus.

What can you do? Be creative – you can do almost anything fun with friends and other members and call it a fundraiser!

For example, last October the IWCS charity coordinator Claire DeVaney held a clothes swap party. With each attendee donating a €10 cover charge, the party raised €100 in addition to everyone taking home some fabulous new pieces for their wardrobes. It’s that easy!

Maybe you could hold a …

  • kid’s yoga class
  • Clothes Swap Party
  • series of ‘Come Dine with Me’ dinner parties
  • Great Stuttgart Bake Off
  • Wine walk and tasting
  • Fun-run or other physical challenge

Almost anything you can do with friends can be a fundraiser!!

If you wish, we will support you by advertising it through the club. Just let us know!!


Personal Fundraising Kick Off Idea –
Book a Party with Mary Kay®

IWCS member and your local Mary Kay® representative Suzanne Callamari has committed to donating 100% of the profits generated through her Mary Kay® product parties hosted by IWCS members for the rest of this year!

Since the beginning of the year she has already been able to raise €300 this way and was a major sponsor of our 2017 Annual Charity Event. Why not have a charity Mary Kay® party of your own and together help Suzanne reach her personal fundraising goal of €1000 for this year?

Mary Kay® parties are FUN! One-on-one, just-for-you service is only the beginning! When you host a Mary Kay® party, the benefits are simply beautiful – and it’s easier than ever to find the party that works best for you. There are few things better than an evening or afternoon spent with friends – especially when your Independent Beauty Consultant brings the goodies!

If you’re interested in getting your friends together for a party, send a message to Suzanne using the contact form below. If you’d like to open up your party to other club members, feel free to make an event on Facebook in our private group. We can even put the information in our monthly newsletter if you let us know early enough.

What other ideas do you have for a personal fundraiser in 2017? Let us know!!

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