Are you new in town? Or been here a while? Bored and looking for something to do? Good at organizing? Social and friendly? Interested in seeing more of Stuttgart and Baden-Württeberg? Love your IWCS friends or need to make more? Need to update your resume?

If any of the above apply to you and you are interested in helping out the IWCS, we are currently looking for new recruits to help our leadership team plan fun outings for our club members.

Historically, we have elected one or two members each year to the IWCS board who have been responsible for planning all IWCS special events for an entire year. This year we’ve been fortunate to have the two Michelles to do that for us, but sadly neither of them have time right now to continue their awesome work.

So we are looking for some new volunteers to step forward and help do the planning. We would be thrilled to have two full-service members doing it all, but if you can only do part of the job, that’s ok too! The more people planning, the better! We would also be thrilled to have a large or small organizing team that works together.

Here is the job description – if you can do any (or all) of these things and would like to put your talents to work for us, message Emily using the form below.

  • Generate ideas for events – what kinds of tours and outings do you think would be interesting for our members? (Skills: creativity, online research)
  • Organize and host events each month – those jobs can also be split between people who do the behind the scenes organizing and others who attend the event and act as a host. Other members can be recruited to host events so one or two people don’t have to do it all. (Skills: planning, phone calls and emails in English and/or German, use of Facebook groups; hosts should be friendly and punctual)
  • Overall coordination of our events calendar – one person will need to act as the coordinator to make sure that we have two events planned for each month at least three months in advance. That person should also be able to attend our every-other-month leadership meetings in the evening. (Skills: organization, Facebook and Google calendar use)

No matter if you can only organize or host one or two events in 2018, no offer is too small – we are happy for any and all help!!


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