Members + Families Event: Alpaca Walk and Farm Tour

Alpaca Walk and Farm Tour (English)
For members and their families

Saturday, 18th May 2019 starting at 9:45
Location: Alpakafarm Schaber, Hochen 4, 72622 Nürtingen-Neckarhausen 
€35 adults / €10 children 6 and up / children under 6 free
Pre-payment deadline May 8th
Your host: member Claire DeVaney

Since they were domesticated like their llama cousins around 5000 years ago, alpacas have been kept for their meat, wool, and as a super pack animal ideal for mountain treks. They can walk long distances on relatively little subsistence; they’re sure-footed and agile; and they’re super fluffy and cute!!

Alpacas are whimsical members of the camel family with lovely kind eyes and a gentle nature. In recent years their wooly faces and observant, calm demeanor has made them highly sought after walking companions.

We’ve organized an amazing day out with these gentle beasts for members and their families in May. It includes an alpaca-accompanied trek in Nürtingen followed by a tour of the farm with plenty of petting allowed. The gentle trek will last around 1 hour and will take in views over the Schwäbische Alb from Göppingen over Kirchheim to Reutlingen.

During the guided tour we will see the farm and furnished with all the knowledge we could ever need about alpaca care, diet and breeding as well as the fascinating role of alpacas today from therapy animals to wool production. As a parting gift, all adults will go home with a pair of alpaca wool socks!

You’re then invited to join us for lunch in Nürtingen if you wish (not included in cost of the tour).

Practical Information
9:45 Arrival and registration – please be punctual
10:00 Trek begins
11:00 Return and begin farm tour
12:00 Tour ends
12:30 Lunch in Nürtingen

There is a Hofladen on-site but best to bring water and perhaps a snack. We will walk in any weather. With any luck we’ll have sunshine but of course be prepared with weather-appropriate clothing such as a rain jacket, waterproof shoes, and so on.

The farm is best reached by car (or take a taxi from the Nürtigen station). If you would like to attend but don’t have access to a car, be sure to post in the Facebook event and we can try to arrange a car pool!

Your cost for this event will be €35 per adult and €10 for each child age 6 and up. Children under 6 are free! To reserve your spot, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event or use the contact form below if you are not on Facebook.

To confirm your reservation, please transfer the  €35/€10 per person to the IWCS bank account no later than May 8th. If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline. Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.

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