As we announced last month, we have started using Zoom for online club activities. In this post you can find out more about that decision and how to best use the program.

The decision to use Zoom was made based on its ease of use and high quality connections. We looked into the security issues, the most serious of which have been fixed. Security experts say now that with the use of best safety practices (some of which Zoom has added into their software), it is safe to use for social events.

Members do NOT need a Zoom account to participate!!

Here’s how it works:

Zoom works best on a computer/laptop and it is where you can be the most anonymous. Everyone who RSVPs will be given a meeting link with an embedded password. Simply click on the link to join as a guest in your web browser automatically. You do not need to download any software – if you get a message asking you to install software, click on “just open in my browser” at the bottom.

If you would like to use a mobile device, you WILL need to install the Zoom app for the link to work. Tablets are ok but phones are not recommended as you will not be able to see everyone without lots of swiping.

Looking forward to seeing all of your faces again soon!