We’ve missed you!

Dear members,

On the 10th of June we heard some long-awaited news…Coronavirus restrictions on club activities and in-person meetings are being partially lifted!

This means that we will be activating our alternative program scheduled for June and creating more in-person events for July and August. While we’ve enjoyed Zooming with you, nothing replaces the connection of being with one another in person.

We won’t be resuming our full program immediately. First of all, limits in the numbers of participants allowed restricts us to 10 people at each event in June and we don’t yet know what July rules will hold.

And second of all, we have decided to move forward slowly to keep our members safe. Even though we have flattened the curve, the virus is still out there and spreads quickly in large groups.

With that in mind, this summer we will only be scheduling events that are small and mostly outdoors. We will also continue with some of our virtual events to protect our more vulnerable members.

Thank you for sticking with us in this strange time; stay safe and stay healthy!