When to visit: Any time in January
Zoom meeting to discuss: Tuesday, January 26th at 10:00
Your host: Alex Elwin

Since we can’t currently visit museums together, we’ve decided to try this pandemic-friendly alternative! The plan is to visit outdoor works of art in the Stuttgart area by yourself or with a friend sometime during the month, and then we all get together online to discuss what we’ve seen.

Think book club, but with art!

In January we will be discussing the outdoor art at the Wilhemspalais. They have recently added a temporary extra modern sculpture to the existing ones of King Wilhelm and his dog (1990, Hermann-Christian Zimmerle) and Datenbank (2019, Erik Sturm) in its outdoor space near Charlottenplatz. The piece, called “S.21. The Monument – Chronicle of a grotesque derailment” by Peter Lenk, will be in this spot only until March 2021.

You will want to read up on all three sculptures before visiting them, and familiarize yourself with the Stuttgart 21 railway project and its history, especially if you are new to the area.

Hopefully the art will generate a good deal of conversation. We welcome all opinions, both positive and negative, as long as all are respectfully given.

To take part and receive more details about where exactly to find this art, please RSVP in the pending Facebook event. If you are not on Facebook but would still like to check out the sculptures and join the Zoom call on the 26th, please use the contact form below.