Coronavirus Information February 2021

Germany has been under a pandemic lockdown since December 16th, including closed businesses and schools, curfews, and strict contact and masking requirements.

At the end of January, Baden-Württemberg published updated Coronavirus regulations extending the lockdown and increasing masking requirements. These took effect on Monday, January 25th and here is what’s new:

✅Adults are required to wear medical grade masks in public transport, medical practices, retail stores, workplaces, and at religious events

✅Children 6-14 can continue to wear every day masks

✅Children 5 and under are exempt from any mask requirements

✅FFP2 masks specifically are required to enter care homes or hospitals

✅Religious events with more than 10 participants must be registered with the health authorities at least two days in advance

✅Dog salons are allowed to reopen

✅The general rule against public alcohol sales and consumption has been replaced with a rule against it only in city centers (beginning January 27th)

✅Schools and daycares will remain closed until at least January 31st, most will continue to be closed at least until February 14th

The rest of the prior restrictions will remain the same, which means no in-person club meetings are possible until they are lifted.

You can find a useful PDF explaining all of the prior restrictions in English HERE.

Stay safe and healthy everyone and see you online this month!!

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