When: Walk and share anytime during the month

Zoom chat on Friday, February 5th at 11:00
Where: Starts near Feuersee and goes up into the hills
Your host and guide: Alex Elwin

Last month’s first ever treasure hunt/photo safari walk was so much fun that we immediately planned another one for February!

“Join us” on a walking route starting in Stuttgart-West suitable for adults and kids! Activities Coordinator Alex Elwin will be giving us a list of treasures to find along the way to make the walk more fun.

There are several ways to take part in this event:

  • Do the walk alone -OR- with a friend/another club member/members of your family/household (as allowed)
  • Do the walk at any time during the month of February -OR- walk the route on or before the February 5th Zoom call
  • Just enjoy the walk without the treasure hunt -OR- see if you can locate all of the treasures on Alex’s list and take photos/selfies or have kids make drawings of them
  • Upload your photos in the Facebook event to share AND/OR share them with the Zoom call on February 5th

There is no wrong way and many right ways to participate in this event! Check out this beautiful drone footage from Stuttgart Tourism to inspire yourself:

February’s walk starts fairly centrally, not far from Feuersee, and then climbs Karlshöhe and Hasenbergsteige. For those that want it there is also an extension taking you up Birkenkopf or Rubble Hill. So you need to be prepared for hills but can take your time as the villas you go past along the way are so interesting to look at you’ll be in no hurry to race by!

How to RSVP

If you would like to receive information about the February route and the list of items to find, please RSVP in the Facebook event. If you do not have Facebook, you can still do the walk and the Zoom call! Use the form below to contact Alex and she can send you the information via email.