Please welcome our new club leaders!

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, our fabulous little club has been in a state of suspended animation for the better part of a year now. In addition to not being permitted to meet in person for months on end, we’ve had a few vacancies on our steering committee that have only recently been filled.

Now that public and club life is reopening for the summer months (and hopefully longer!), we are pleased to announce the following new additions to our leadership team for 2021:

Charity Coordinator – Alena Doering

Alena will be overseeing all of the ways that we raise money for the Frauenhaus and making sure we have regular fundraising events on the schedule. Talk to her if you have any ideas or suggestions or would like to join her charity planning team that makes fundraisers happen.

Membership Coordinator – Mariana Schwarz

Mariana has taken over all of the behind-the-scenes paperwork concerning our membership data. Although most of her communication is with new members, if you are moving away and need to cancel your club membership, she is the person you will need to contact.

Mother’s Corner Coordinator – Rebecca Weber

Rebecca has been running our group for mothers of 0-3 year olds for a few months now and welcomes all members with little ones who are looking for fun and support.

Club Secretary – Shannon Macika

Now that we can have in-person leadership meetings again, someone has to take the official notes we are required to keep as a registered Verein. Thankfully, that someone is Shannon!

What happens next?

We are so pleased to have a full team working together again and grateful for the time each one of our club leaders donates in service to the group.

Our new steering committee members are currently being set up with email addresses and procedural handbooks to help them do their jobs and our first leaders’ meeting as a group will take place this month.

A full list of leaders’ contact info will be posted in the next newsletter and in the meantime you can reach all of us in the private members’ Facebook group.

Looking forward to a fantastic and fun rest of 2021 with you!

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