++CORONA RULES RELAXED February 9, 2022++

BaWü updated the state Corona regulations unexpectedly this afternoon.

Here are the changes to Alarmstufe 1 taking effect tomorrow, Wednesday the 9th of February:

👜 All restrictions on retail stores will be removed except the FFP2 mask requirement (no more testing or showing certificates).

📝 Most locations will no longer be required to collect personal data for contact tracing, although they are still recommending that folks use the Corona Warn app for passive tracking and alerts.

⚽️ 🎭 The number of spectators/audience members allowed at public sporting and cultural events will be increased to maximum 50% capacity (events remain 2G/2G+).

🧙‍♀️ Although Fasching parades are still forbidden in the Alarm levels, indoor Fasching celebrations appear to be allowed (without dancing) under the “public events” rules in the new summary.

The newest handy dandy chart can be found here.