Katja will be sending out renewal invoices for 2023 membership fees at the beginning of November and we need your help to make this a smooth process!

ONE – Have you moved in the past year and have a new mailing address? We need it to get the invoice to your mail box! Please let us know.

TWO – Are you moving away or otherwise not planning to renew your membership for 2023? Please send an email to cancel your membership for next year ASAP! We will then make sure you aren’t sent a renewal invoice in November and annoying reminders in early 2023. Your 2022 membership will still be active until the end of the year.

Who to contact?
Please email your address change or cancellation to Membership Coordinator Mariana Schwarz at membership @ iwcstuttgart (dot) org.

Why do we need to have you cancel your membership in writing?
Because we are a registered organization here in Germany, we are required to follow the rules specified in our by laws when members leave the area or otherwise wish to withdraw their membership in our club.

Those rules are:

➡️Members must notify us in writing if they wish to cancel their membership in the club (emails are fine).

➡️Members must notify us before the end of 2022 if they wish to cancel their membership for 2023.

➡️Members who do not cancel their membership before the end of 2022 and then fail to pay their renewal dues before the end of the first quarter in 2023 will be mailed one reminder invoice and then an letter notifying them that they are being removed from the membership list.

If you know you will be leaving, tell us now! It will save lots of headaches for everyone.