IWCS Cookbook

Do you have a favorite recipe from your home country? Or just a dish that you and your family love to have? Why don’t you share it with us and the IWCS? We’ll be preparing a cook book with all of the best recipes from around the world, tested and approved by our own members!

Please send Sandra Bartsch yours, including the name of the recipe, the country of origin, ingredients and preparation and if possible, a picture of your dish.

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Calling all bridge aficionados!


Mahjongg group host Sibylle Stanzl is looking for other members who are interested in forming a daytime bridge group.

If you are interested in joining this new focus group, please contact Sibylle using the form below.

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Additional playgroups around Stuttgart

We would like to let you know of other non-IWCS native language playgroups in the Stuttgart area in case you are looking for additional opportunities to meet with other mothers and children.

We encourage anyone who knows of other local playgroups (especially in languages other than English) to submit the contact information to us in the form below so it can be added to this list.

Please note that the IWCS is not affiliated with any of the groups below and that this information is being provided as a service to our members.

English Playgroup Stuttgart
Meets Mondays & Thursdays (in S-Vaihingen)

English Playgroup Böblingen
Meets Tuesdays
Contact: Catherine Frieß at

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Now collecting babysitter recommendations

All mothers know that a good babysitter is worth his or her weight in gold and should be protected at all costs. But expat and immigrant mothers depend on their network of contacts to help them find good babysitters, especially ones who might speak their native language.

If you are an IWCS member who is willing to fill in as a babysitter for other members, our
Mother’s Corner Coordinator, Sandra Bartsch, would like to hear from you in the comment form below. She is putting together a list of babysitter recommendations exclusively for members of the club.

This information will not be published anywhere publicly, but will be available from the Mother’s Corner Coordinator upon request.

[contact-form to=’’ subject=’Babysitter recommendation’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form]
Thanks for your input!

Invitation to the December 2011 Holiday Dinner & Gift Exchange

Mark your calendars now for a very special IWCS holiday dinner at Das Gast Restaurant at the Stuttgart Staatsgalerie on December 13th starting at 18:30.

Our evening will include:

  • A delicious three-course meal (soup, main course and dessert)
  • A welcome drink (Sekt or a fruit smoothie)
  • Crostini appetizers
  • The ever-hilarious IWCS gift exchange
  • For members-only, an optional English tour of the Staatsgalerie’s special exhibit about James Stirling, the UK architect who designed the museum

For all this you pay only €31,00 plus drinks and tip for the entire evening!

Prospective members and guest are also welcome to attend the dinner and gift exchange.

Interested? We need your RSVP in advance.

Please let us know by December 5th at the latest if you would like to attend the dinner. We will need to know your choice of main course and if you will also be coming to the museum tour (we will meet for the tour at 17:15).

Send your RSVP to today!

Menu Choices

All menus include pumpkin soup, a Christmas mousse dessert and your choice of main course. Guests will also receive a welcome drink and crostini appetizers.

Main course choices are:

  • Stuffed chicken breast in mushroom sauce with seasonal vegetables and potatoes
  • Pangasius filet in lemon grass mousse with tomato-zucchini vegetable mix and rice
  • Giant homemade tomato and basil ravioli in a spinach-parmesan mousse

Please let us know when you RSVP if you would like the chicken, fish or vegetarian menu.

Don’t forget to bring a gift for the exchange!

If you would like to take part in our annual gift exchange, please bring a wrapped, unmarked present worth €15 (something you think other members might like to receive).

If you don’t want to participate, please come without a gift and you are welcome to stay and watch the fun!

This year’s gift exchange will be moderated by Lisa Cvejn and the complete rules can be found here.

Restaurant information

Das Gast Restaurant is located at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (separate entrance from the museum along the front side).


Oh What a Night!

Members and guests dancing the night away

If you weren’t there, you missed the event of the year! Our charity committee promised we would “Do Good and Dance” and that’s exactly what we did at our club’s first-ever evening charity event, held on Saturday the 12th of November at the Würrtembergische Automobilclub in Stuttgart.

Our members and guests enjoyed fantastic entertainment and delicious food and drinks while mingling and dancing until the early morning. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Frauen helfen Frauen e.V., our club’s designated charity.

Hans im Glück by Judy Krauss
Hans im Glück by Judy Krauss

There was a little something for everyone at the event. The first half of the evening was not unlike charity events from past years, with guests socializing and enjoying the delicious catering of the WAC. Representatives from the IWCS and the Frauenhaus were on hand to give short speeches and raffle tickets were sold for our door prize, a painting of “Hans im Glück” by Judy Krauss, donated by Anne Mascall.

Guests were also treated to two musical performances. Member Susanne Vogelmann first thrilled us with her beautiful voice in several operatic pieces, accompanied by her husband on the piano with Sabine Juchheim-Pfeiffer as a second voice.Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely performance by local Serbian singing group Pravoslavni Srpski Hor Sveti Knjaz Lazar.

The big difference in this year’s event were found in the second half of our program. Unlike in years past, we did not hold a silent auction to raise money, but depended upon generous donations from members and sponsors.

Instead, our event offered pure entertainment for guests to enjoy. First up was the fabulous Dacia Bridges and her band, who so generously agreed to spend their Saturday evening entertaining us. They rocked out in a 45 minute performance that brought many members out onto the dance floor. (

Then our wonderful DJ Mario from Mr. Mac’s Party Team took over for the rest of the night, keeping us on our feet from start to finish with a mix of current and classic dance music. (

In addition to the entertainers who donated much or all of their services for the evening, we would like to thank these additional sponsors for making our event possible:

  • Thomas Wilke Consulting for sponsoring a sparkling wine reception where each guest was treated to a glass of rose Sekt as they arrived. (
  • The Oest Gruppe Freudenstadt for sponsoring postage costs for the event, along with lending us their Chief Executive Alexander Klein, who acted as our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. (
  • WESSELY Marketing Services for sponsoring printing costs (
  • KMPG auditing for their general sponsorship of the event (

And last but not least, the charity committee would like to thank all of the members who attended, donated to, or assisted at the event and the Württembergische Automobilclub e.V. and its catering staff for taking such good care of us that evening. (

See you next year!!

Our monthly club meetings

We normally meet for a monthly club meeting each first Wednesday morning of the month (note: this is subject to change or postponement due to holidays or other events). Beginning in 2011, we have also started scheduling alternate evening meetings several times each year.

Prospective members are invited to attend a club meeting anytime; please check out the activities page of our website for dates and details.

Our morning meetings are held at Cafe Merlin in Stuttgart-West, located between the Schwabstrasse and Feuersee train stations. Parking is scarce (although not completely impossible) so you might wish to consider public transportation to reach it. You can find us around the back in the large “Saal” or conference room. Just follow the signs though the garden to the right of the cafe.

Drink refreshments are provided, consisting of coffee, tea, water or juice.

An on-site babysitter is provided for young children at no charge. Babies are welcome to stay in the meeting room with their mothers but we ask that toddlers and preschoolers stay upstairs with the babysitter during the speaker.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us below.

[contact-form subject=’Club meeting inquiry’][contact-field label=’Name’ type=’name’/][contact-field label=’Email’ type=’email’/][contact-field label=’Comment’ type=’textarea’/][/contact-form] .

2011 Member Donation Challenge

Attention all members!!

One of you (who wishes to remain nameless) has generously donated an additional €500 for the Frauenhaus…and she has challenged other members to do the same.

So let’s see if we can get together enough donations to match and exceed her €500! Any size donation is welcome and don’t forget, we can issue you a tax receipt for your contribution.

This is the perfect opportunity for all of you who were unable to attend the event to still take part. You can deposit cash in the donation box at the December club meeting or dinner or email us for bank information to make a transfer.

Do good and donate!

Rules for IWCS holiday gift exchange 2011

  1. All gifts should cost 15 Euro and be wrapped.
  2. Each person selects a number to determine the order in which a person gets to select a gift. Number 1 goes first and gets to select and unwrap a gift.
  3. Number 2 then selects. But she may take Number 1’s gift or she may select a gift from the pile. If she takes Number 1’s gift, Number 1 gets to select again from the pile. After she has finished her turn, Number 3 gets to select.
  4. Once again, she may select any opened or unopened gift. Each time a gift is taken away from someone, that person gets to select again.
  5. She may select any gift except the one that was just taken away from her. She may however, have the opportunity to select it again later.
  6. The third person to possess it gets to keep it. No more swiping the gift. The gift is frozen. (This means it can only be taken twice)

IWCS Do Good & Dance zu Gunsten von Frauen helfen Frauen ein voller Erfolg

Stuttgart, 14. November 2011 – Am Samstag 12. November 2011 fand in
den Räumen des Württembergischen Automobil Clubs in Stuttgart die fünfte Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung des International Women’s Club
Stuttgart e.V. zu Gunsten des Vereins Fauen helfen Frauen statt. Unter dem Motto „Do Good & Dance“ verbrachten Mitglieder, Mitarbeiter und Gäste unterhaltsame Stunden mit exklusiver Unterhaltung, köstlichem Essen und tanzten bis in den frühen Morgen, um so Spenden für das größte Frauenhaus im Land Baden-Württemberg zu sammeln.

Unter dem Motto “Fun, Food & Fancy Footwork” begann der Abend mit einem Frizzante als Willkommensgruß und kurzen Ansprachen durch IWCS Chairperson Emily Born und das Charity Team, gefolgt von Schilderungen des Teams von Frauen helfen Frauen. Angesagt durch Conferencier Alexander Klein unterhielt als erstes Sopranistin Susanne Vogelmann unterstützt durch Sabine Juchheim-Pfeiffer das Publikum mit vier ausgewählten Stücken, bevor der Chor der serbisch-orthodoxen Gemeinde die Bühne betrat. Einen rockigen Gegenpunkt zu diesen Darbietungen setzten Dacia Bridges und Band, die mit ihren kraftvollen Stücken die Gäste schnell auf die Tanzfläche lockten. Nach ca 45 Minuten gelang DJ Mario von Mr. Mac’s Party Team der perfekte Übergang in den zweiten Teil des Abends, der ganz im Zeichen der flotten Fußarbeit stand. Das gastgebende Team des Württembergischen Automobilclubs versorgte währenddessen mit Freundlichkeit und Engagement mit Speisen in Form eines fliegenden Büffets und alkoholischen und nicht-alkoholischen Getränken an der Bar.

Dieser Abend wurde möglich durch die freundliche und großzügige Unterstützung zahlreicher Unternehmen und Einzelpersonen. So danken der IWCS und seine Mitglieder:
• Dacia Bridges & Band für ihr exklusives Konzert an diesem Abend. 1973 in den USA geboren verbindet Dacia Bridges Talent und Kreativität mit Nächstenliebe und positiver Ausstrahlung zu einem einzigartigen Stil. Ihr Auftritt war geprägt von Rock’n’Roll und Offenheit … Mehr über Dacia Bridges und ihre Musik erfahren Sie unter
• der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft KPMG für ihre großzügige Geldspende. Mit 8000 Mitarbeitern an 20 Standorten in Deutschland sind KPMG mit seinen drei Geschäftsbereiten Audit, Tax und Advisory stets nah an ihren Mandanten, seien diese mittelständische Unternehmen oder weltweit agierende Konzerne:
• Thomas Wilke Consulting für das Sponsoring des Willkommensgrußes. Wilke Consulting bietet mittelständischen und Großunternehmen ganzheitliche Geschäftstechnologieberatung für Außenwirtschaft und Zoll. Mehr über Wilke Consulting erfahren Sie hier:
• Mr. Mac’s Party Team und insbesondere DJ Mario für die ausgezeichnete Musikauswahl, sein Gespür für sein Publikum und die zurückhaltende Moderation in englischer Sprache. Die DJs von Mr. Mac’s Party Team haben die passende Musik und sorgen für beste Unterhaltung auf rauschenden Hochzeiten, Betriebsfesten, Geburtstagen oder Vereinsfeiern im Großraum Stuttgart und ganz Süddeutschland. Mehr über Mr Mac’s erfahren Sie hier:
• der Oest Gruppe Freudenstadt für das Sponsoring des anfallenden
Portos und ihrem Geschäftsführer Alexander A. Klein für die Moderation der Veranstaltung. 1915 gegründet, betreibt die Oest Gruppe drei Geschäftszweige: Schmierstoffe, Energiehandel und Maschinenbau. Mehr über das Unternehmen erfahren Sie hier:
• den WESSELY Marketing Services für das Sponsoring der Drucksachen. Mehr über diesen Dienstleister erfahren Sie hier:

und nicht zuletzt dem Württembergischen Automobilclub e.V. für seine Gastfreundschaft. Das Team um Herrn Wössner servierte ein Flying Buffet mit lokal-saisonalen Köstlichkeiten und ausgewählte Weine. Mehr über den ältesten Automobilclub der Welt, gegründet von Bosch, Daimler & Maybach erfahren Sie auf

Wie in den Jahren zuvor kommen die Erlöse dieser Veranstaltung dem Verein Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. in Stuttgart zu. Mit seinem Frauenhaus bietet der Verein bis zu 18 Frauen und 22 Kindern Zuflucht vor häuslicher Gewalt. Ein Team aus einfühlsamen Fachleuten unterstützt diese Frauen und Kinder auf ihrem Weg in ein selbstbestimmtes und freies Leben.

Über den IWCS: seit seiner Gründung im April 2005 steht der als gemeinnützig anerkannte International Women’s Club Stuttgart e.V. Frauen allen Alters, aller Nationalitäten und Glaubensrichtungen offen. Wesentliche Säulen des Vereinslebens sind Gemeinschaft, Integration, Wohltätigkeit und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung. Derzeit umfaßt der Verein ca 125 Mitglieder aus 35 Ländern. Offizielle Vereinssprache ist englisch, jedoch haben viele Mitglieder eine andere Muttersprache, die sie im Rahmen von einzelnen Veranstaltungen pflegen. Mehr über den IWCS, seine regelmäßigen Angebote und Veranstaltungen erfahren Sie hier: