It’s been a looooooooooooong winter and spring thanks to the pandemic lockdowns that affected much of public life here in Germany. Thankfully, things have changed quite quickly since warmer weather has arrived.

The state of Baden-Württemberg routinely publishes updated Coronavirus regulations several times each month and the past few versions have slowly relaxed many of the prior restrictions as the number of new infections has gone down.

Here is the latest information from the current regulations effective Monday, June 28th, 2021.


New rules have been added for communities with an incidence rate under 10 (the lowest before was under 35).

The new levels based on the local incidence rate are:

        • Level 4 – over 50
        • Level 3 – between 35 & 50
        • Level 2 – between 10 & 35
        • Level 1 – under 10

A district changes levels when the incidence rate goes above or below a threshold for five days in a row. New rules will be created if the incidence rate goes back above 100.


The general requirement to wear a mask in public remains – they are required indoors at all times and outdoors when you cannot keep at a 1,5 meter distance from others. Masks are not required at home or at private parties or for those under the age of six.


Personal contact restrictions have been loosened, which regulates how many friends and family members we can hang out with at home or out and about (dinner, shopping, movies, at the park, etc.).

As before, children 13 & under do not count towards the total number of people and fully vaccinated/recovered adults do not count towards the total number of people OR households.

  • Level 4 – two households can get together with a total of 5 unvaccinated adults maximum
  • Levels 2 & 3 – four households can meet up with maximum 15 unvaccinated adults total (was three households and maximum 10 adults)
  • The birthday party allowance is still in effect for Levels 2 & 3 (five additional children from any number of households)
  • At the new Level 1 (Under 10), it is allowed to meet up with 25 unvaccinated adults from any number of households!

For the remainder of the updated rules regarding public life, every person counts towards the total number regardless of age or vaccination status.

Below is a summary of the main changes. Testing requirements and the exact number of participants allowed for each kind of event at each level can be found in the BW at-a-glance chart.


Larger private events are now permitted at non-commercial locations such as at home or in a garden (was only at restaurants or halls). This includes birthday parties, weddings, and other events with a private guest list. The host must have a written hygiene concept and collect guest contact data. That person or group is also responsible for enforcing all rules, including checking test results and vaccine certificates if required.


The requirements for events open to the public such as concerts or flea markets have been simplified (was a confusing set of levels based on how quickly the incidence rate sank). Contact data must be collected.


Testing requirements have been relaxed for fun activities such as amusement parks or swimming pools, while the rules for visiting museums and other cultural institutions remain pretty much the same as before. Contact data must be collected for both.


Dining requirements have been simplified and an indoor ban on smoking has been added. Contact data must be collected.


Shopping rules now allow more people in the larger stores. Contact data must be collected at the higher levels.


Personal hygiene service rules remain the same as before for hairdressers, massages, foot care, tattoos, etc. Masks must always be worn with additional test requirements when that is not possible.


The regulations regarding sports have been majorly simplified, with the same rules now for children and adults. Testing requirements at the higher levels.


Hotel stays for tourist reasons have fewer test requirements at the lower incidence levels. Contact data must be collected.


Discos will be allowed to open again at the lowest incidence level; test and contact data collection required.

This is a time of rapid changes, so make sure you are following our public Facebook page to keep up with the latest regulations.

Stay safe everyone!


As we announced last month, we have started using Zoom for online club activities. In this post you can find out more about that decision and how to best use the program.

The decision to use Zoom was made based on its ease of use and high quality connections. We looked into the security issues, the most serious of which have been fixed. Security experts say now that with the use of best safety practices (some of which Zoom has added into their software), it is safe to use for social events.

Members do NOT need a Zoom account to participate!!

Here’s how it works:

Zoom works best on a computer/laptop and it is where you can be the most anonymous. Everyone who RSVPs will be given a meeting link with an embedded password. Simply click on the link to join as a guest in your web browser automatically. You do not need to download any software – if you get a message asking you to install software, click on “just open in my browser” at the bottom.

If you would like to use a mobile device, you WILL need to install the Zoom app for the link to work. Tablets are ok but phones are not recommended as you will not be able to see everyone without lots of swiping.

Looking forward to seeing all of your faces again soon!