For members only
Saturday, 24 April at 19:30
Your host: Emily Born
For information and to RSVP, please use the private Facebook event or the contact form at the end of this post.

Join us on Zoom in April for everyone’s favorite activity – a pub quiz!!

Bring your own snacks, drinks, and something to scribble your answers on. The format will be “each woman for herself” instead of teams, so get lots of rest and hydration that day for top brain performance!!

Emily has been scouring the internet for fun quiz ideas, so look forward to a lot of laughs.

See you there!


For members and their families

When: Walk and share your photos any time during the month
Zoom meeting: Tuesday March 23rd at 14:00
Location: Weinstadt-Strümpfelbach vineyards
Nearest Station: Endersbach (S) then Bus 202 to Strümpfelbach (Wn.) Kelter

Your host: Alex Elwin

For our third and final winter public art walk, we will tank up on our Vitamin D and blow away the winter cobwebs whilst getting to know the works of a local sculptor!

“Join us” in the vineyards around Strümpfelbach (Rems-Murr-Kreis, east of Stuttgart) to enjoy the view and the art. There are a couple of routes in differing lengths to choose from, including one suitable for strollers.

There are several ways to take part in this event:

  • Do the walk alone -OR- with a friend or members of your household (please follow the contact restrictions in effect at the time of your walk)
  • Do the walk at any time during the month of March -OR- walk the route in time for the March 23rd Zoom call
  • Just enjoy the walk without any additional activities -OR- take photos and let yourself be inspired to create your own art or poetry to share with the group
  • Upload your photos & impressions  in the Facebook event to share -AND/OR- share them with the Zoom call on March 23rd

There is no wrong way and many right ways to participate in this event!

How to RSVP

If you would like to receive information about the suggested routes, please RSVP in the Facebook event. If you do not have Facebook, you can still do the walk and the Zoom call!



For members only
Sunday, March 7th at 15:00
Online via Zoom
Host: Alison Tyler

Join us via Zoom to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021!

Do you have a current favorite female leader? Come and share your thoughts over a cuppa or an afternoon glass of wine.

We had a great event last year and we look forward to repeating this with you all! This year’s International Women’s Day 2021 theme is “Women in leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world

For more information and to join this event, please RSVP via our private Facebook Event or message Alison using the form below.


This event is for members +1 adult from the same household
Saturday, February 27th at 19:30 on Zoom
Your host: Emily Born
Cost: €35 per package, paid in advance
Pre-payment deadline: Friday, February 12th

Online wine tastings are all the rage these days, so we’ve booked one for our club in February!!

Moni Lang of Remstal Winewalk will be hosting a guided tasting for us in English that will featuring five different local wines. She will mail the bottles directly to your home in plenty of time for the event and one adult in your household is welcome to join in the Zoom call at no extra cost.

Each package includes:

  • four full 0,75 liters of wine
  • one 0,2 liter bottle of sparkling wine
  • a guided tasting for 1-2 people
  • the postage for mailing the wines

Moni is a delightful guide who speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable about local wines. The tasting will last approximately two hours and we will have the chance to hang around and chat afterwards, if we wish.

This is a +1 event, which means:

  • Any IWCS member plus one guest are welcome to attend.
  • Your +1 can be a partner, spouse, or adult child from your household, joining the Zoom call together and sharing the bottles included in the package.
  • You pay the package cost listed below, regardless of the number of people.

The cost of this event is €35 per package, paid in advance. The cost is being sponsored by the IWCS and this is a Round Up For Charity event. All proceeds will benefit Frauen helfen Frauen.

To reserve your spot

Please RSVP using the form below or respond in the Facebook event. To confirm your reservation, please transfer the €35 per package to the IWCS bank account to arrive no later than Friday the 12th of February.

This event must have six paid packages by the pre-payment deadline or it will be rescheduled. Emily will be giving the final numbers to Moni that weekend so that she can prepare and mail the wine in time for the event.

If you have any extenuating circumstances that keep you from getting the funds to us by that date, please speak directly with the host so we don’t assume you are no longer interested.

Prepayments are non-refundable after the payment deadline. Members who have to cancel at the last minute are welcome to find another member or guest to send in their place.


When to visit: Any time in February
Zoom meeting to discuss: Tuesday, February 16th at 10:00 OR 19:00
Your host: Alison Tyler

Since we can’t currently visit museums together, we’ve decided to try this pandemic-friendly alternative! The plan is to visit outdoor works of art in the Stuttgart area by yourself or with a friend sometime during the month, and then we all get together online to discuss what we’ve seen.

Think book club, but with art!

In February we will be discussing graffiti as an art form. A great place to start is the graffiti art exhibit in the main station in Stuttgart. The Stadt Palais and Kunst Museum also have graffiti exhibitions; although currently closed they have online materials to view.

Perhaps you have seen graffiti murals during your travels or in your current home town? For example, the town of Asperg have recently commissioned graffiti artists to decorate the tunnel into the train station.

Hopefully the art will generate a good deal of conversation. We welcome all opinions, both positive and negative, as long as all are respectfully given.

To take part and receive more details about where exactly to find this art, please RSVP in one of the Facebook events. Alison will be hosting a morning and an evening chat. If you are not on Facebook but would still like to check out the art and join one of the Zoom calls on the 16th, please use the contact form below.


The December Coronavirus rules have been announced and we are facing at least another month of being unable to meet in person. At this point, it’s hard to say if we will be able to hold regular meetings this upcoming winter at all.

It’s time to get creative!

At our delightful activities planning Zoom meeting in November, we brainstormed up a few new events that combine actually leaving the house with a community activity we can do online! You will see us roll out a couple of these new hybrid events starting in January:

  • CONVERSATIONS ON MODERN ART – This activity is meant to replace tours of local art museums for the time being. Members will be given directions on how to find a public art installation (sculptures, for example) to visit on their own before the date of a scheduled Zoom meeting. Then at the meeting we will use the art as a starting point for our discussion – a bit like a book club, but with art!
  • TREASURE HUNT WALKS – Members will be given a walking route to follow somewhere in the city and a list of clues to try and find on their own before the scheduled Zoom meeting. See how many clues you can find and get some exercise in the process!

Under the current rules, the outdoor part of both events can be done alone, with your household/family, or with one other friend or club member.

Hopefully these ideas (and a few others we are working on) will keep us busy, connected, and safe for as long as necessary this winter. We’d love to hear any feedback or additional suggestions or ideas via the comment form below!

Image by StumblingOtis from Pixabay


For current IWCS members only
Friday, November 13th at 19:00 via ZOOM
Host: Alison and Alex

Every year at our winter AGM we receive many wonderful suggestions for events and activities from members. This year we’d like to get your suggestions early so we can get to work on planning for the first part of 2021 now.

To that end, we’d like to invite all members to join us for a Zoom chat the evening of Friday the 13th of November to share any and all ideas and raise a glass together to surviving 2020.

Alex and Alison will be making a list of possible events based on your suggestions and then work off of that to kick off the 2021 planning. Please keep in mind that not all suggestions are guaranteed to be used, but they will all be considered!

If you would like to join us, please RSVP using the form below so that we can send you the Zoom link the day before the event.

If you cannot attend this event but have a suggestion, please use the form to submit it to us.

Looking forward to a new year with many exciting events as possible!